What is wrong with classical music?

Sunday, August 14, 2022

It is often said that classical music is stuffy, elitist, and irrelevant to today's world. While it is true that classical music has a long and complicated history, and can be performed by highly trained musicians in formal settings, there is also a wealth of classical music that is approachable, accessible, and relevant to modern audiences.

One of the major problems with classical music is that it can be seen as overly serious or even pretentious. This perception is likely due in part to the long history of the genre, as well as the fact that many classical pieces were written for religious or royal ceremonies. In addition, classical music is often performed in formal settings such as concert halls or churches, which can add to the feeling of stiffness or formality.

However, there are many different types of classical music, and not all of it is serious or difficult to listen to. There are lighthearted and even humorous pieces, as well as those that are more reflective or meditative. In addition, many contemporary composers are writing classical-style music that is meant to be performed in more informal settings.

One of the other issues with classical music is that it can be seen as inaccessible or elitist. This is because it often requires a certain level of training and experience to appreciate fully. For example, someone unfamiliar with a symphony's structure might have trouble following along with one. In addition, classical music tends to be less popular than other genres, which can make it feel like an exclusive club for those in the know.

However, there are ways to enjoy classical music without having extensive knowledge of the genre. Plenty of resources, such as books, websites, and podcasts, can help introduce newcomers to the world of classical music. In addition, there are many recordings of live performances or simplified versions of complex pieces that can be enjoyed by anyone.

Ultimately, the problem with classical music is not that it is wrong, but that it is often misunderstood. It has a rich history and tradition, but there is also a lot of variety within the genre. It can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of background or experience. With a little effort, anyone can find something to love about classical music.

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