What are tracks in MIDI file?

Thursday, January 5, 2023

In a MIDI file, a track is a series of MIDI events that are recorded together. MIDI events are messages that control various aspects of the music, such as specifying a note to play, the length of the note, the instrument to use, and so on. Each track in a MIDI file is usually associated with a particular instrument or voice, and the events in the track control how that instrument or voice is played.

There can be multiple tracks in a single MIDI file, and each track can contain a different sequence of events. For example, a MIDI file could have one track for the piano, one track for the drums, and one track for the vocals. Each track is independent of the others, so they can be played back simultaneously or separately.

In addition to the MIDI events, each track also has a name and a number of other attributes that control how it is played back. These attributes can include information about the instrument or voice that the track is associated with, the volume and panning of the track, and any effects that are applied to the track.

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