Song Title: Ogre Battle

(Freddie ...Ogre Battle:)

Ah, come on

Huah, Huah, Huah, Huah, Haaah!
Now once upon a time
An old man told me a fable
When the piper is gone
And the soup is cold on your table
And if the black crow flies to
Find a new destination
That is the sign
Come tonight
Come to the ogre sight
Come to ogre battle fight

Freddie: What do you think of the show so far?

He gives a great big cry
Swallow up the ocean
With a mighty tongue, he catches flies
The palm of a hand incredible size
Great big eye
Has a focus in your direction
And the battle is won
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Come tonight
Come to the ogre sight
Come to ogre battle fight

Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Haaah!
Hit it ...

The ogre men are still inside
The two-way mirror mountain
You gotta stay clear and out of sight
You can't see in but you can see out
Keep a lookout
The ogre men are coming out
Two-way mirror mountain
They're running up behind
And they're coming all about
Can't go east 'cause you gotta go south

(guitar solo)

Ogre men are comin' home
And then the great big fight is over
Bugle blow let trumpet cry
Ogre battle lives forevermore
Oh, oh, oh
Yes you can come along
You can come along
Come to Ogre Battle

Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Haaah!

Freddie: Nice one. Thank you

Roger: Yeah, that's really nice of you

Freddie: Thank you; thank you very much
How are you lot doing down there?
All there, they're all awake
How would you like if we did something from the first album?
I knew you'd dig that; which one would you like? (Audience: 'Liar'!?). I tell you what, I knew I asked for that one; this one's called 'Son And Daughter'

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